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What's New in CyberStore for SYSPRO v 2.10

CyberStore for SYSPRO v 2.10 contains new features, control modifications and improvements, performance updates and stability items.

We also continue to expand and update out new online documentation portal.

Below is a list of the features included in the release. For more details, review the Application Release Notes.

#6530 Enhancements to Tax Processing
#6732 Ability to Configure Order Minimum
#6731 Display Price Per Unit along with Unit Prices
#6867 Support for Calculating Currency to "Cents"
#6733 Ability to Configure Minimum Number of Ship Days during Checkout
#6764 Minimum and Maximum Ship Date by Category
#6734 Capture Custom Information during Account Registration Using Account Characteristics
#6761 Content File Manager: New Toolbar Buttons Enable Switching between Thumbnail and Detail File View
#6774 Automatically Save Items to Selected Category on Add Item
#6822 Add More Category Templates into Modern Theme