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Hosted CyberStore FAQs

Whether considering a CyberStore Oasis subscription, or hosting of your CyberStore for SYSPRO license, here are some FAQs your will want to understand when considering your options.

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Q:If I host my CyberStore 2 site, do I now need to batch process my orders and price changes?
Q:Does my SYSPRO server need to be connected to the Internet?
Q:How does CyberStore 2 communicate with my SYPRO over the Internet?
Q:How do I know the connection to SYSPRO secure?
Q:Will my site be slower if it is hosted?
Q:Who provides the hosting services, and where will my CyberStore 2 site be located?
Q:What happens if my Internet connection goes down?
Q:How is the setup different from an on-premise installation?
Q:How to setup SPF record for Dovetail email servers.