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CyberStore for SYSPRO Implementation

A Typical Implementation Project Plan

The Internet is not, in itself, the “Goose that laid the Golden Egg.”

Building any website is a huge undertaking. Building a successful e-commerce site is even bigger. It takes significant and dedicated effort to create and maintain a business web presence. And like any effort your team undertakes, the key to attaining your goal is directly tied to the effectiveness of the project plan.

For projects to be successful, management must have an understanding of the effort required by company personnel and support those goals through appropriate allocation of time and resources. Therefore, when you set out to build a site with CyberStore for SYSPRO, a complete and realistic implementation plan is critical.

Since every company brings their unique vision to a website project, there is no plan that is completely guaranteed to match all of your specifics; however experience would indicate that there are typical common elements necessary no matter the individual goals. To that end the following outline provides a solid framework for successfully launching your new online store with CyberStore. 

  • Planning
  • Installation
  • Functional Review
  • Training
  • Initial Setup
  • Design
  • Build Out
  • Confirmation
  • Go Live Planning
  • Pilot
  • Launch
  • Post Live