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At Dovetail, we don't just do support...

We PLEDGE to provide assistance to our clients when they need it by giving remote technical help for the daily use of our products.

  • We Partner with our clients in a trust relationship in the spirit of collaboration, sharing resources and working together towards a common goal.
  • We Listen within every conversation, understand the context without assumption, probe with follow-up questions and discover the end goal behind the request.
  • We Explain how things work by sharing knowledge tied to the facts of the situation, describing what needs to be done.
  • We Demonstrate to show how things are done, leading the client through examples on the topic at hand.
  • We Guide our clients through the solution allowing them to take the lead in the task at hand.
  • We Enable our clients, delivering resources and confirming understanding of the resolution path to transition to a logical closure point.
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Available Support Plans

Our PLEDGE is fulfilled through a subscription to one of Dovetail’s available Support Plans.

As Needed Support Plan

Pay per case
No monthly charge
or service dates

Monthly Support Plan

(up to 10 cases per month)
Billed Monthly
on service start date*

Annual Support Plan

(up to 10 cases per month)
Discounted Rate Billed Annually
on service start date.*

To select one of the available options, contact us by email at
CustomerCare@dovetailinternet.com or telephone at (508) 845-6465.


  1. Support is available only to Dovetail clients, which are in good standing, and have an active subscription or license to Dovetail products.
  2. Support is made available on either an as needed, or subscription basis.
  3. During the course of any service month that you have an active support plan, you are entitled to make support requests up to the number cases included in your plan. Each request will be assigned as a unique support case, and each case will relate to a single request.
  4. Unused cases during a service month will expire and do not carry over to the next service month.
  5. Support requests made in excess of the number of cases included in your plan for any given service month will be charged the "as needed" rate per case until the next service month has begun.
  6. Support requests can only be made related to Dovetail products within supported versions and environments as published by Dovetail and updated from time to time at the sole discretion of Dovetail.
  7. Assistance with non-supported versions, third party products, troubleshooting of custom client business logic, or non-Dovetail environments may not be requested as support, but assistance may be offered in the form of an additional paid services.
  8. Support cases cannot be substituted for paid services.
  9. Support is provided during Dovetail's posted business support hours and is done so with an understanding that best effort will be made by Dovetail and the client to collaborate towards resolution.
  10. Support cases will remain open until closed. There is no limit to the number of hours of support that will be provided on any case, but all cases will expire and be closed within 30 days of when it was first opened.
  11. If a case is closed due to expiration that is not resolved to the client's satisfaction it may be re-opened as a new request at a later date of the client's choosing so long as their support plan remains active.
  12. Recurring requests for support on the same issue that continue to be unable to be resolved may be deemed a "problem" and Dovetail may no longer be able to provide support for such problems, though additional assistance in the form of paid services may be offered to the best abilities of Dovetail to realistically obtain resolution.
  13. Not all requests will be able to be resolved.
  14. Support will not be provided without client participation and support staff are not allowed to remotely connect to client systems directly.
  15. During the process of working a support case Dovetail will utilize manned screen share sessions, telephone, email and other means of collaboration with the client.
  16. Dovetail and client agree to protect the confidentiality of all information shared during support sessions according to Dovetail standard client agreements.
  17. Whenever possible, standard solutions will be provided and explained to the client during the course of working a support case with the expectation that the client will be able to perform the solution themselves.
  18. If a client does not understand the solution offered, support staff may demonstrate the solution in a generic demonstration version of the product or offering, and/or guide the client through the steps on the client's system allowing the client to perform the actual tasks necessary.
  19. If the initial Service Start Date falls on the 29th, 30th or 31st of a month then the initial term will be extended up to 3 days such that the renewal date falls on the 1st of a month.
  20. The Service Start Date for any given product will be the same as the Order Date if not otherwise specified on the order form.
  21. To order a Support Plan Client must have an active executed master agreement with Dovetail such as “Web Hosting Agreement”, “Website Development and License Agreement”, “CyberStore Oasis Service Agreement”, or “Project Agreement”.
  22. Only one Support Plan may be in effect at a time. Plan selection may not be changed during a term. To order a different Support Plan the Service Start Date must be later than the end of the current Plan’s term.

This is our promise; this is our PLEDGE. Every day. Every time.

*If Service Start Date is on the 29th – 31st then the renewal date will be on the 1st.